Collaboration between Students and local primary schools produces a dazzling show

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This year's Dance Leaders Show, which took place in the Prospect Theatre on Monday 25th March 2013, was a wonderful example of our students working brilliantly with the children of local primary schools. The vibrancy, energy and sheer joy etched on the children's faces was fantastic to see and made the event a memorable one. Inclusive and supportive activities like the Dance Leaders Programme typify some of the fantastic partnerships between the college and local community.

This is a well established link between the College dance students and the local primary and junior schools. 14 Dance Leaders worked with over 75 primary and secondary school children in this exciting and inspiring dance project. Linking five local primary schools the college's second year Dance Leaders planned, organised and choreographed their respective school groups resulting in a beautifully crafted show, nostalgically entitled ‘Top of the Bops!’. Using pop icons such as Michael Jackson, S Club Seven, Olly Murs, One Direction and JLS, the young children showed brilliant skills of focus, energy and coordination, in front of a full house of over 200 audience members of family and friends. 

Our Education programme aims to help teachers inspire their students and encourage them to visit the theatre.